Launching in Fall 2021

A renewal platform as revolutionary as your IP.

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Who We Are

Named after the simple sugar that nourishes the hummingbird, Hexos IP aims to be the trustworthy sustaining power behind Intellectual Property – facilitating profound agility for IP managers. When partnering with Hexos IP, you partner with a company that not only promises to offer reliable, high-value solutions, but also commits one third of its profits to charitable activities. Soon, something as simple as renewing your IP will make a positive difference in local and global communities!

Powered by elite technology, dedicated IP professionals, honest pricing, and a commitment to charitable involvement, Hexos IP is being built to provide sustaining power to your IP and turn the renewal process into lasting positive change.

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Simple Comprehensive Solution

Hexos IP offers a simple yet comprehensive approach that alleviates the strain of IP maintenance. By tailoring high-value payment plans to a variety of portfolios, designing an intuitive web-based platform, providing top-notch customer care, and facilitating positive growth in local and global communities, Hexos IP makes the renewal process a whole lot sweeter.

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Transform Your IP Annuities & Renewals

Simplified Pricing That Lets You Control Cost

Hexos IP pricing is simple and straight forward with three simple ingredients. Official government fees, agent fees (when applicable), and the Hexos Flat Fee.

Hexos IP Simplified Pricing

Hexos IP charges an Official Fee and an Agent Fee at cost graphic.

Competitors True Cost

Competitors charge aan abundance of complex fees graphic.

Hexos Simple Flat Pricing

Our pricing is straight forward and easy to understand. No matter the size of your IP portfolio, our pricing options give you the flexibility to get the most from your IP now and in the future without having to trim to keep cost under control.

Breeze Through A Simpler, Sweeter Renewal Process.

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Launching in Fall 2021

Renewals for Good

We at Hexos IP want to have a positive impact not just on the intellectual property industry, but also on our local, national, and global communities because we know that investing in our communities always pays the best kind of dividends. We’re committed to donating time, talent, and resources (including 1/3 of profit) to charities and social programs. By partnering with Hexos IP, you will be joining a campaign to make lasting change simply by renewing your IP!

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What are the areas where you are most passionate? We are eager to partner with our clients and optimize our collective impact!

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