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Client Spotlight: Newpark

Joshua Stackhouse

October 2, 2023

Client Spotlight: Newpark

As part of our continuing series to highlight the innovative and admirable practices of our clients, Hexos is proud to feature Newpark, a company dedicated to bringing high quality products, reliable customer care, and environmental consciousness to the industries it participates in with its two business segments; Industrial Solutions and Fluids Systems.

Newpark’s main contribution to the industrial solutions market is its flagship DURA-BASE® Composite Mat System™. The patented interlocking system allows for quick assembly and unparalleled resiliency to be used for temporary roads or platforms. Additionally, using thermoplastic mats (as opposed to lumber) has many attractive advantages: thermoplastic mats last longer; they weigh roughly 1/3 the weight of equivalent timber mats; and — as a non-porous material — are far less likely to transfer invasive species from one worksite to another. As part of Newpark’s commitment to reducing environmental harm, DURA-BASE® mats are 100% recyclable. Having just celebrated 25 years since the original DURA-BASE® line was released, Newpark proudly unveiled the DURA-BASE® 800 Series™ earlier this year which boasts nearly a 15% reduction in weight (the lightest on the market) while maintaining the same structural integrity as previous lines.

Newpark carries its dedication to environmental preservation in its proprietary Fluid Systems business. Through its revolutionary Evolution® water-based drilling technology (which later spawned further developments like DeepDrill™ and Hydros™), Newpark is recognized as a global industry leader in water-based drilling fluids. This domain expertise and extensive experience has enabled Newpark to develop the industry-leading TerraTherm™ water-based drilling fluid for use in very challenging high-temperature geothermal wells. These technologies reduce consumption of hydrocarbon-based products; reduce supply chain transportation;  eliminate disposal of contaminated oil-based drilling waste; and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. These environmental benefits also help to lower the total overall costs for drilling wells.

For decades, Newpark has been the reliable choice for both composite mats and fluid system solutions — with the added bonus of being the environmentally conscientious option. Hexos is proud to partner with this hallmark company that shares our values of Integrity, Innovation and Involvement.

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