The Booth With the Beer

Joshua Stackhouse

February 3, 2022

The Booth With the Beer

If you’ve ever been to an event or conference at which Hexos IP was among the guests or sponsors, you probably noticed that this game-changing annuities company was handing out free beer! Not only that, they were handing out their beer. Indeed, Hexos IP has its own branded brew called “Renew Your IP-A” — a milkshake plum IPA that’s almost as refreshing as discovering a better way to maintain your intellectual property. Hexos IP concocted this proprietary libation in partnership with Gizmo Brew Works, a local craft brewery (where some of our team would spend many a happy hour).

Unsurprisingly, Renew Your IP-A has been a hit at every event it has been to. We try to bring as many as we can manage, but these sleek tall boy cans disappear quickly every time. Next time you’re thinking of attending an IP conference or convention, it’s probably worth checking to see if Hexos IP is on the guest list. You might just want to make a b-line to the booth with the beer!

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