Volunteering with the Food
Bank of Central & Eastern NC

Joshua Stackhouse

April 5, 2021

Volunteering with the Food
Bank of Central & Eastern NC

On Friday, April 2nd 2021, three of our team members, Charles W. Pemble, IV, Chase Andrews, and our fearless leader Edward Murgitroyd, spent a day with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC which is doing amazing work in our local community. Last year, overcoming Covid-19 challenges, the organization provided 76,343,182 meals to families and individuals!

Under the supervision of FBCEN’s Community and Demonstration Garden Coordinator Lourdes Vinueza, our team was tasked with weather-proofing the greenhouse for the community garden. Accomplishing this required some innovative thinking — and a trip to the hardware store. (It was there they discovered a nifty innovation called a ZipWall, an adhesive zipper that creates a resealable opening in a vacuum enclosure.)

Ultimately, our guys prevailed and now the community garden is better protected against the elements.

We’re very proud to honor our Renewals For Good pledge and to contribute to the great work FBCEN is doing.

Here is a link to their site if you’d like to get involved!

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